Colloidal copper gray hair

One of the most likely reasons that people research colloidal copper is to treat the effects of graying hair. As we age, it is natural for our hairs to change in color from the darker color of our youth to a silvery gray. This happens earlier in some members of the population than others, however, we can be sure that it will affect us all before long. The question is how you react to it.

If you’re the type of person interested in returing to the hair color of your youth, you’ve likely considered (or tried) dyeing. With this process, the results can be satisfying, but it won’t be long before those gray roots are showing and need maintenance. Isn’t there a cure that you can turn to for permanence? Something not unlike cosmetic tattooing?

According to, colloidal copper can help as a remedy for gray hair. But can such a treatment possibly be true? It may be that gray hair is rather a product of our genetic programming and just a natural part of aging.

Nevertheless, people will continue to search for remedies for a variety of maladies (though graying hair is one only arguably). Copper supplements may indeed be a part of this regimen if it is discovered to be so in the future.