What is Copper Deficiency

Copper deficiency is a rare condition. It really doesn’t happen too often. That is not to say that it’s impossible. Copper deficiency is a real diagnosis that affects a number of people each year. Let’s review some of the causes, and solutions, for the nutritional deficiency that we know as the lack of copper in one’s body. If you believe you have a copper deficiency, go see your physician right away!

Frequent causes of copper deficiency:

  • Celiac disease.
    Yes, celiac disease, or gluten intolerance, can lead to copper deficiency. With rise in incidence of celiac disease, will this mean a concurrent rise in copper deficiency? We can only guess at this time, but we guess that it will not happen.
  • Eating money.
    Friends, don’t eat money. Or, if you do eat money, don’t eat the coins. You can eating paper money, and suffer little effect, except that it’s an expensive habit. But eating zinc coins can induce a dietary copper defiency
  • Taking too much zinc supplements.
    A lot of people still take zinc spray and lozenges when they have a cold. This is bad as it can damage your nasal passages and lead to a copper deficiency! That’s terrible – keep away from that zinc stuff
  • Gastric bypass surgery.
    Yes, bariatric weight loss surgery is replete with risks. Sure, you’ll lose weight, but you’ll be open to a whole host of coplications. Not only will your dinner fit in a thimble, but you may develop copper deficiency!

So, for most people, copper deficiency is pretty rare and something you can control (again, no matter how delicious those zinc pennies look, spend them, don’t eat them!). But, some percentage of people are diagnosed by their physician with copper deficiency every year.

If you do acquire a copper deficiency, your best bet would be first to make an appointment with your doctor. He or she will be able to treat the anemic symptoms and neurologic conditions which you will likely have. Don’t mess around on this and try to treat it yourself – go see your doctor!

Oral copper supplements may not be the solution to a copper deficiency. The condition may need to be treated intravenously. Again, only a licensed physician will be able to properly diagnose and treat a copper deficiency.

Take Care of Yourself.

To your health!

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